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Space Dresser Johnson

There is an infinite amount of objects and space artists can and have appropriated as their canvas. So it is nothing new for an individual from those ranks to paint on abandoned items such as cars. Yet, most of those interested in placing themselves in the framework of the art world have either moved their outside activities indoors or simply brought the found objects into their studios and galleries. This however is not the case with young New York artist Kevin Dresser. He has done neither and still managed to produce an interesting body of work. The only things brought back from the experience are well printed and composed photographs documenting the event.

Through the paintstaking painting process, Dresser imports a great sense of integrity to the rusting carcasses. This comes in part to the fact that once adopted by Dresser they are again abandoned to fend for themselves. The knowledge that they have been left where they were found creates a dichotomy in the works, making them both precious and disposable. It is obvious that they have been specifically selected and decorated by the artist with care, yet Dresser leaves these works on the street among the rubble and trash that they emerged from. In doing so he has highlighted those commonly overlooked objects that have been blighting the urban landscape.

Kevin Dresser
By Marko Pregelj
Beautiful Decay Magazine:
Issue B, July 2002
"Art de Rue" street art
book featuring the derelict
vehicle paintings on cover
and interior spreads.
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